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“You only get one chance to make a first impression”. It may be a an old saying, but it’s true. First impressions are everything, that’s why successful companies spend good money on logos, business cards and corporate identities. If people never judge books by their cover, displays at book stores would just be giant quotes from the book. But they aren’t, they are still just big pyramids made up of the book and its fancy cover. Hypothetical situation:

You ask a question on one of your Linkedin groups pages.

Two people answer.

One has a dark photo where you can kind of see who they are, It’s a little bit out of focus and looks like it was shot at last years office christmas function.

The other person has a portrait that has been professionally shot by Corporate Photography Melbourne, it’s properly exposed, properly focused and has a backdrop that instead of being distracting, adds to the overall feel of the photo.

It’s a lot to convey in only 80×80 pixels I know, but 9 times out of 10 people will want to hear what person #2 has to say first, simply because that person cares enough to put some effort into how he is seen. He takes his work seriously and from their it’s easy to assume that they know more. That may not be the case, but it doesn’t matter, they already made the first impression and it’s a good one. As long as what they are saying is even remotely good advice, you don’t have to read what person #1 said. Case closed.

Make a great first impression, Contact Us at Coporate Photography Melbourne, we’ll send someone out to your office, a favorite location or you can come into our CBD location and we’ll deliver a GREAT photo at the end of it. You deserve it!

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