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Every year we get asked if we cover Christmas parties and our is answer is “Yes, very diplomatically”.  You see, there is an art to covering end of year celebrations. People never show up at the start time so if you start shooting too early the party looks dead, however, employees tend to let their hair down at the office Christmas party so if you start shooting too late you get a lot of drunk faces and moments preserved for posterity that certain people would rather forget. The trick is to shoot that sweet spot in the middle where lots of people are having a good time but aren’t looking disheveled.

We quote for events based on our half day (up to 4 hours) or full day (up to 8 hours) rate. We don;t do inbetween prices, so for example if you want us for 6 hours you will still have to pay for the full day rate. Included in those prices are 30 cleaned up images where you pick your favourite 30 photos and we’ll go through and adjust the colour balance, saturation, contrast, etc. to ensure those 30 look their best.

In 4 hours we can easily shoot 800+ images. Because of constantly changing lighting conditions some of those 800+ will be over/under exposed, some will be blurry or out of focus and most will just look very similar to other photos, so of the 800 about 400 will be useable. We can cut it down to 400 for you, but then you will have to go through and pick out your favourite 30, so instead of keeping us there for the full 4 hours, you may just want us for 2. Afterall, we can’t just stand around, not take photos AND eat your horderves!

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