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What to expect from your shoot with us



  • Check whether your company has guidelines for it’s staff photos and forward them to us
  • Decide on the look you are aiming for eg. friendly, approachable, professional, intimidating.
  • Make sure staff are neatly groomed as applicable to your industry (if getting a hair cut or trying on a new style, try to do it a few days before the shoot so it has time to settle)
  • Consider and choose a backdrop and pose which represents the look you’re going for
  • Practice your smile and poses in front of a mirror
  • Make sure to bring any hair or make up supplies in case you need to touch up before the shoot
  • Get a great night’s sleep!

Please let us know these things in advance as they will effect the lighting, backdrops and equipment set ups.


During the shoot

We generally shoot with a senior photographer and an assistant so if security passes are required please organise them for both of us.

When we arrive we take around 15 minutes to set up and test lighting so we can get your staff members through with as little disruption to their day as possible.

If you are organising a team please provide a list of team members to tick off.

If your Project Agreement has not been signed yet, it will need to be completed before we are able to begin shooting.

We often shoot tethered to an iPad so you can review each image as we go, it’s a great idea to have the person in charge available to review the photos and make sure each has approval. It also speeds up the process as our photographer can mark the numbers down on the camera for later.

Each person being shot will have around 5-10 minutes shooting time with us. We understand that many people are uncomfortable in front of the camera so we try to make the process as quick and painless as possible.

Don’t forget to bring your smile and a sense of humour!


After the shoot

Once we have approval of photos on the day of the shoot we will pack and up and head back to our studio.

Within 48 hours your images will appear in a password-protected online gallery for you to choose your favourites for us to edit.

Once edited we will send through low resolution watermarked versions for approval. Any editing changes which need to be made can be at this time.

Then once we have received the remainder of your balance, you will be sent the full sized versions of your images. We can also provide you with web-optimised or square-cropped images if you would like.

We upload the edited images to a secure Google Drive account where you can download them and also send the images via registered mail if applicable.

Thanks for shooting with us!

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