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Clients often ask about our Corporate Headshot Package and if it is flexible or not, so here is a run down of the usual timeline of events:

  • You contact us expressing interest in the Individual Corporate Headshot package, including in your e-mail the dates, times and location you are available.
  • We’ll let you know which dates we are available and get you an official quote. If you are outside of the Melbourne CBD we charge an additional $50 call out fee.
  • Once a date has been settled on we provide you with a copy of our project agreement and bank details so that you can pay a 20% deposit to book your day.
  • Once your deposit has been received we’ll start talking about ideas and the look that you would like to achieve with your photos. If you have seen any other photos that you really liked and would like to try and replicate we are always happy to give it a go.
  • We’ll do about an hour to an hour and a half of shooting on the day and make sure that we get some shots that you are happy with.
  • I’ll go through the shots and separate the good ones from the blinkers, same expressions and out of focus shots, then put the good ones up in a password protected gallery.
  • If you are in  a hurry and need the shots ASAP then I can skip that step and just pick out the three that I think are best, otherwise you have a look through and pick out your three favorites.
  • I’ll edit the three chosen images and send them to you to have a look at.
  • At this point you should love the photos but if you think I have polished them too much or not enough just let me know and I’ll either pull it back or add to it.
  • If you have paid the remainder of your invoice and your account has been settled then you will be sent full-sized edited versions of your photos, otherwise they will be smaller water-marked versions.
  • If you would like more than three images to be retouched we charge a per-image fee on a sliding scale, so just let us know how many you would like and we’ll work a price for you.
  • Once you’re happy we’ll mail out the rest of the images we shot on the day as well as the edited versions on a disk.

And that’s it! We have never had an un-happy client, nor do we intend to. The photos above are of a recent client who started a software distribution company, had previously hired a different photographer and wasn’t happy with the results but when we were done this was his last e-mail:

Thanks Jimmy,

I look like a rock star 🙂

I’ll be in touch if we need anything further.

Good to meet you.

Kind regards,

Robert Frandsen

Managing Director

InfoMotion Pty Ltd

So in short, yes, it is flexible and we try to make it as personal as an experience as we can. Whether you want to come across as a powerful and intimidating CEO or a friendly and approachable business owner, we’ll make it work for you.



Robert Fransden


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